Will You Sign the Petition to Reform Parking in Los Angeles?

We will need about 60,000 valid signatures from registered voters in the city of Los Angeles to get a parking reform measure on the ballot.  At this time we are conducting legal research and outreach and forming a Committee.  We expect the actual text of the initiative to be completed in mid 2014. 

Please let us know if you will sign the ballot petition for us when the time comes.

We'll need your address to send you the ballot petition for your signature.  PLEASE NOTE:  Only registered voters in the City of Los Angeles will be able to sign the petition to put the initiative on the ballot.

To check your voter registration status, please go here:  https://lavote.net/SECURED/VOTER_REG/

Check out some of the possible components of the ballot measure at these links:

It's time to reform the parking system in the City of Los Angeles

Parking Reform is Finally Coming to the City of Los Angeles

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Will you sign?

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signed 2015-11-15 00:16:19 -0800
Forget about “negotiating” with the bastards. Take it straight to inititive.
signed via 2015-11-07 12:13:16 -0800
signed 2015-11-05 09:48:29 -0800
signed 2015-11-04 16:37:46 -0800
I have had a few parking tickets. On two occasions I was wrongly cited or wrongly fined for a late payment. I spent months trying to get the DOT to rescind either the fine or the penalty. Ultimately I was successful in one case and the other I’m still battling. They are bureaucratic bullies!
posted about this on Facebook 2015-11-04 15:50:05 -0800
Will you sign the petition to reform parking in Los Angeles?
@karejey tweeted link to this page. 2015-11-04 15:50:01 -0800
Will you sign the petition to reform parking in Los Angeles? http://www.parkinglosangeles.org/petition?recruiter_id=84037
signed 2015-11-04 15:44:31 -0800
Reason I am signing this petition is that I received a ticket from the city of Los Angeles in error, the car described on the ticket was not even the color of my car. I contested the ticket and was denied the contest, so I have to pay the ticket. I have not been to Los Angeles in over 25 years and live 4 1/2 hours away, now I cannot renew my license plates until I pay the ticket. This is so frustrating!!!
signed 2015-11-04 13:49:07 -0800
signed 2015-11-04 12:40:50 -0800
It’s time to stop abuse from the parking authority. The city uses private companies such as Xerox, this companies perform fraudulent practices to keep citizens money in their pockets. Plus if the ticket is not paid on time, increase the amount to a 100% more, this is unconstitutional. STOP ABUSE!!
posted about this on Facebook 2015-11-04 12:39:52 -0800
Will you sign the petition to reform parking in Los Angeles?
@Augmart1980 tweeted link to this page. 2015-11-04 12:39:49 -0800
Will you sign the petition to reform parking in Los Angeles? http://www.parkinglosangeles.org/petition?recruiter_id=84033
@mariahshevchuk tweeted link to this page. 2015-11-04 11:54:23 -0800
Will you sign the petition to reform parking in Los Angeles? http://www.parkinglosangeles.org/petition?recruiter_id=84031
signed 2015-11-04 11:54:09 -0800
signed 2015-11-03 21:37:50 -0800
Thrilled you are taking on these issues. I would like to see handicap Plackerd fraud addressed. Also, in complete agreement that “parking permit” zones should be very expensive for homeowners to get & keep. I hate that a a taxpayer in Los Angekes, I can’t park in certain exclusionary zones
signed via 2015-11-03 21:08:04 -0800
signed 2015-11-03 20:39:40 -0800
Please stop this brutality in one month city of Los Angeles gave me more then 6 parking ticket I work graveyard shifts and when I come its inhumane to wake up every 2 hours to move my vehicle to a different location please stop the parking system abuse
posted about this on Facebook 2015-11-03 15:02:01 -0800
Will you sign the petition to reform parking in Los Angeles?
signed 2015-11-03 15:00:53 -0800
signed 2015-11-03 11:07:32 -0800
I support the reform of parking meter tickets and street sweep tickets and all the other corrupt ways the city grabs money that is TOTALLY outrageously disproportionate to the action. Ex. “I missed my meter by 5 minutes so I pay a penalty of $75!!!!” MORE THAN IT WOULD COST TO PARK IN SOME PLACES ALL DAY! How do you figure that math – other than it is a known way to generate revenue. Let me see – um, park at this meter or feed my family for a week… uh…
signed 2015-11-03 08:22:14 -0800
signed 2015-11-03 04:12:21 -0800
signed 2015-10-28 16:18:57 -0700
Do you know that that average municipal late to meter violation is…$20.00? How is it that the poorest people who end up parking on the street – and the lower income people who park on the street because they can’t afford to pay sky high monthly or quarterly parking in their building-shoulder 147 million slush fund to the city? who gave anyone in city govt the right to take 62 dollars from me because I came to a meter 5 minutes off the timer? I only make (take home) 100.00 a day. Is that a “fair” “penalty” or a shakedown of the people who have no choice but to park on the street without driveways and valet parking. Who gave any decision maker the right to create a financial crisis out of a doubled ticket? Who? Nobody i elected. its SHABBY AND SHAMEFUL to ROB the weakest financial parties in LA with not only a nosebleed price to pay but also AGRESSIVE ticketing that has NOTHING to do with “turnover” or “access to business.” How do I know? Because the madoff level SCAM that is “handicap parking tags” ensures that over HALF of the parking avail downtown is taken up ALL DAY by the disgusting fraud that are the non handicapped who have gotten hold of a BLUE TAG FOR LIFE. They hog up all the best spots. They leave their cars with pep in their step. Meanwhile i have ended up paying over a GRAND in “meter” “violations” wow a grand! How nauseating is that? Does anyone CARE about the fakers with the “handicapp tags?” There have been feature stories written about it and like medicare fraud nothing gets done. Nothing.! When I moved to downtown la in 2005 a quarter on the meter got me 1/2 hour. Now it gets me 4 minutes. And yet I don’t see anyone making more money in last decade people are financially stressed. AND the unreasonable fines are supposed to deter lack of turnover- and yet guess what? Outside my apt downtown I can feed the meter all day and not move my car. 5th Street you can hog a space just as long as you pay the WHORE the city of LA. It is disgusting and unjustified and meanspirited and it HURTS LOW INCOME the worst. REFORM THIS ABUSE OF TAXPERS NOW!! WE ARE NOT ATM’s.
signed 2015-10-28 05:25:15 -0700
I am down for this cause, parking tickets are way over priced, and what the heck do they do with the money? They sure don’t fix the bumpy pot holed streets. Some of the streets nearby are rediculous
signed 2015-10-27 16:33:54 -0700
signed 2015-10-27 15:26:08 -0700
In the last two months I’ve received two, non-emergency site tickets. One was for a street cleaning that never happened and another for overstaying a timed zone while picking up my daughter. The tickets were outrageous, $75 for a simple infraction? $150 for late payment? We as citizens should be able to mandate a change to our city’s policies if we find them abusive and regressive. This is such a policy.

Standard (non-meter, hourly restriction) fines should be capped based on the daily median income of the city. A reasonable formula would be 10% of the current median daily income. Meter violations should be capped at their daily intake. Late penalties are fine as long as they don’t exceed 50% of the initial fine. If streets are not cleaned, or the cleaner has already done it’s route, tickets should not be issued. Cleaning the streets should NOT be a revenue generator.
signed 2015-10-27 10:05:39 -0700
Long overdue.
posted about this on Facebook 2015-10-25 14:45:51 -0700
Will you sign the petition to reform parking in Los Angeles?
signed 2015-10-25 14:45:01 -0700
I was pushed out, by LADOT, of two safe parking places on my substandard road in Beverly Glen in front of my house, a restored early 1900’s weekend cabin, now my home. These parking spaces were used by all the residents ever in my house (I grew up next door and know all of them)..I need these places to care for my Mom aged and Disabled Brother next door. I moved back to this Cyn. to help my family. There was no hearing or petition from LADOT to neighbors. It has become an extreme hardship for me. I wrote dozens of letters to City Councilman and LADOT, (they were deflected). There is no logic in the actions of LADOT, they determined the rustic, non-maintained street width to be too narrow after a new neighbor surveyed her property across the street. Many other side streets in Beverly Glen Cyn. where I live are 2-4 feet narrower and parking on one side is allowed. It’s a long story, exacerbated by a new neighbor unprepared to live and drive on a very unconventional road. LADOT sided with her and rudely closed the door of plees and communications in my face. It began with this neighbor calling a parking officer (because she refuses to learn to manuever past my cars into an outdated, (forever a studio) garage facing the dead end of my street. Parking officer suggested she park cars in front of my house to stop us from parking there. She insinuated I had been taking signs down and that simply is not true! Office reported her story to LADOT and they tossed it about their Dept. as if it were fact, how unscrupulous! THERE WERE NO ‘No Parking’ SIGNS for the officer to site me by, just neighbor’s words and I was parked on the other side of a 20’ road as was the case for decades. I brought photos and desriptions and an adjudicator at the Parking Enforcement Bureau threw out my ticket. Amen! BUT, Initially while waiting for response on whenever I could get a hearing, Parking Enforcement did not inform me, no letter, no call… I called in time before deadline…woman on the other end of the phone said, oh I know this happens…I assumed understaffed…but this leads one to be suspicious…whatever the reason, they are not in the business of HELPING the Citizens who pay their saleries…Anyway… I know your Initiative is mostly concerned with parking meters and signs…but I also know we would all like to see fair available parking NOT taken away as this City becomes ever so populated day by day. Thank You.
signed 2015-10-23 16:41:57 -0700
signed 2015-10-22 17:06:00 -0700
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A citizen movement to sponsor a municipal ballot initiative to rectify the abuses of the current parking enforcement regime in our city.